General Support Section

Skolera- Unified Learning Platform LMS and SMS

Why do I need Skolera-LMS in my school?

HOD Support Section

An Overview on the HOD's Interface of Skolera LMS

An Overview on Course Planner of Skolera LMS

HOD Interface Overview

This white paper offers a quick glimpse into the different menus through which HODs can operate their courses and be aware of the students' progress.
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Supervising Teachers

HODs need to monitor and supervise the teachers and their performance. This white paper offers a summary of the tools and features that help HODs in this process.
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Creating a Course Plan

This is a step-by-step guide for creating course plans along with their topics and learning objectives. Check out how Skolera LMS can make this an easy process.
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Teacher Support Section

An Overview on the Teacher's Interface of Skolera LMS

How to Create Assignments

Teacher Interface Overview

Through this white paper, you can learn about the different menus and tools that Skolera offers to help in managing and organizing the teaching experience.
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Creating Quizzes

This is a quick guide on the different ways through which teachers can create quizzes for the courses they teach using Skolera LMS.
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Creating Assignments

Skolera LMS simplifies the process of assigning, collecting, and grading assignments and activities. Learn how to create and customize your assignments.
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Student Support Section

An Overview on the Student's Interface of Skolera LMS

How to Submit an Assignment Using Skolera LMS

Accessing Notifications and Communicating with Teachers

Student Interface Overview

Use this general guide to learn about the different sections of the homepage and the options they offer you as a student to keep up with your studies.
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Submitting Assignments

This white paper explains where to find assignments and how to submit different types of assignments. Learn how to follow up with your assignments using Skolera.
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Using 'My Courses' Menu

Find out the different sections and options in 'My Courses' menu. Through this menu, students can access all their courses and learning resources.
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Parent Support Section

An Overview on the Parents' Interface of Skolera LMS

Follow up with your Child's Performance Using Skolera

Parents Interface Overview

Get an overview of the parent’s interface of Skolera LMS. Learn about the different menus that offer parents access to several aspects of the educational process.
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Following Up with Your Child

This white paper summarizes the tools and options that allow parents to follow up on and be involved with their children’s performance efficiently anytime, anywhere.
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Contacting Teachers

Skolera LMS enhances the communication between parties of the educational system. This is a step-by-step guide for parents on how they can contact their children’s teachers.
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